Video: Asher Pacey from Waves Magazines tests the Pig 2

Asher Pacey put the Pig 2 to the test in Bali. Watch the video to get his take on one of our favorite boards in the Xanadu Surfboards Small Wave High Performance Category.

‘We chose 17 of Australia’s best surfboard shapers and put them through The Test of custom designing a board for one of our four hand selected professional surfers. We chose surfers who intimately know board design and based The Test in the variable conditions of the wave park that is Bali, but there were no rules. Things were inherently competitive with one of the participants, Ellis Ericson, chasing a swell to Lombok and then Sumbawa in an attempt to secure better content than the other surfers.
We tested surfers’ ability to adapt their style of surfing to new crafts, materials and design ideas. It’s all subjective and nothing is absolute, but the following photos and our online videos provide us with some of the answers to the wonderful grey area that is surfboard design.’ – Waves Magazine