Tanner Hendrickson rides the ZANY

The ZANY is one of the two high performance models from the Family 4.

Family Four models are designed with a consistent and even rocker curve. They feature no exaggerated bottom curve from nose to tail, designed with a smooth transition from nose rocker curve to tail. All ‘Family Four’ models are meant to surf off the bottom and top, built to draw clean, smooth lines. The rocker design will work similar in all conditions, making the ‘Family Four’ models versatile and user friendly.

With that being said, the ZANY feels ultra reliable making it ideal at point and reef set ups, or any waves that have down the line push. It features a flat bottom in the nose flowing into a ‘drivey’ single concave thru the middle all the way thru the fins. It then returns to flat for the last 3 inches of the tail to give it stability and control as you drive up and down the face.

Our team rider Tanner Hendrickson approved this model and he adds

“The Zany is my everyday board. Whether its knee high or double over head I can take this board out with confidence. From getting pop out of the lip or holding your rail on a carve this board does it all.”

Tanner rides a 5’10” squash tail Zany.
Film by Jon Spenser, 2021.

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