Xanadu Xank 5’11” EPS

Fins: TRI fin set up FCS (Fins not included)

Color/Finish: no color, sanded finished, (EPS)

Dimensions: 5’11” x 19.63 x 2.55 V29.5

Please note: this board is a custom order but never ridden. The only difference is that has a name on the stringer.

Available for pick up at our factory. For shipping or any questions about this product please e-mail us at [email protected]

Check out our dealers if you’re in their area, they can also place your order for a custom Xanadu!

About this model:
The Xank is like your every day good friend Hank. He might not be the best looking friend you have, but the ladies still seem to love him for some reason. Just like Hank is your trusty wing man, Xank will always come thru for you in all conditions. The Xank has a little bit fuller nose and tail and is meant to be ridden in up to shoulder high waves. It is recommended to ride this board 1 inch wider than your normal short board and two to four inches shorter. The Xank has a pretty smooth outline with flowing single concave. The tail outline is still aggressive but it has a wider tail block to flow thru flat spots and a flatter deck/ fuller rail combination to keep the board on top of the water in mushy waves. All aspects of Xanadu’s design really flow together well with this board.
The XANK is part of the family 1.


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