Xanadu Viper 5’11”

Fins: Three fins set up FCS (Fins not included)

Color/Finish: no color

Dimensions: 5’11” x 19 x 2.44 V28.8

Available for pick up at our factory. For shipping quotes or any questions about this product please e-mail us at [email protected]

Check out our dealers if you’re in their area, they can also place your order for a custom Xanadu!

About this model:
The VIPER is a surfboard made for your intermediate to pro surfer who wants to excel in waves waist high to head high. Like the X21, this board was designed to be a mid wave performance surfboard for good waves at home, on the W.Q.S, and on the W.C.T.
The ZÓGH is part of the family 1.


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