Xanadu SWIFT 5’7″

Fins: Five fins set up Futures (Fins not included)

Color/Finish: red and yellow, strong glass

Dimensions: 5’7″ x 19.75 x 2.08 V25.7

Please note: this board is a custom order but never ridden. The only difference is that has a name on the stringer.

Available for pick up at our factory. For shipping or any questions about this product please e-mail us at [email protected]

Check out our dealers if you’re in their area, they can also place your order for a custom Xanadu!

About this model:
The Swift features an overall rounder outline with a round squash tail for added smoothness thru the turns. The Swift is a well rounded machine. It is very easy to surf, yet can still be surfed very aggressively allowing for airs and big tail wafts. The foil, the rocker, and the over all board contour allow for high performance surfing in small waves with this model. Its like cheating on your short board. At the very least, the Swift is a small wave high performance game changer, that is for sure!
The SWIFT is part of the family 1.


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