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Board Discussion: Squid

Posts your comments about the board the Squid. Ask questions about this small wave shape from Xanadu.

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The most under-rated board in Xanadu’s quiver. This board will make you a better surfer… plain and simple. It’ll accentuate your power and smooth out your style. No other shaper’s fish can compare.
A few things to know; 1. it favors your forehand, especially at reef breaks 2. it works great in one to eight feet surf, but phenomenal in three to six 3. it paddles into every wave with so much ease 4. the speed is faster than you have experienced on any other board 5. it’s so easily controlled with a cruisy or high performance option 5. keep this board at home when the drop-ins are steep and bowling… you need an easier slope to allow for the ideal take-off (explains SD surf for the most part) 6. finally, spend the extra money and get a gloss coat with your customized color… the color will blow your mind in and out the water.
I was one of the first buyers of the Squid when it came out three to four years ago. I ordered my board with a gloss coat over an aqua green color. It gives the board slightly more weight which is an excellent thing. The perfect weight, along with the width, allows the board to plane over any bump in the water. The board is so durable. I still ride it currently, although a new custom Squid is on it’s way. This is a board I want my future sons to trip out on… “Dad, you surfed on this thing?”. You’ll try to tell them what you remembered, but you won’t come close to the joy that board gave you. This board is a piece of art, although somewhat ugly when you first look at it.
Final comment: This will go down as one of Xanadu’s Top 3 shapes and it’s a must have in your quiver!

Jeff M. Nett added these pithy words on Jan 16 10 at 10:18 pm

I picked up one of these off of my family dentist 2 years ago. He bought a new fish, and knew I wanted one. Bought it for $120, The board had some dings, but overall looked like it was in decent shape. Upon paddling out and catching the first couple waves, this board absolutely blew my mind. It is the closest thing to a skateboard in the water I’ve ever surfed. This is my favorite board in my quiver, and excels in nearly any wave condition under 8 foot. Ive surfed all types of high performance shapes, after surfing this shape, my other boards are now gathering dust in the corner of my room. Highly recommend this shape for any one who loves speed, and loose surfing.

Kyle S. , Obx Nc added these pithy words on Jun 26 10 at 7:03 am

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